Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Burlesque will get you laid...or really flirted with

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It is that time again to ignore the negative and embrace the positive in my life. Burlesque for me is where it's at, it's what drives me, it's what turns me on. There is no other exquisite pleasure than to co-produce my show and consistently challenge myself to learn new choreography, make new costumes and bring it each and every single time I am on stage. I love the feeling of buying new fabrics in the store, watching a flat piece of sequin, stretch, or hologram turn into a beautiful dress, or a pantsuit! I love the feeling of getting down and dirty, sewing my heart off and the pains, trials, tribulations and accomplishment that I feel when I do.

I put so much love into this that it shows, and it turn, shows off my personality.

Before when I was a fledgling young performer, I couldn't get ass to save my life...now it's different. I get flirted with all the time, and I am humble about it but at the same time, revel in the feeling. It's an ego booster. I always make sure to thank each and every compliement, especially if it's towards my work. My work IS ME...if you want to get to know ME, you have to get to know my work.

There have been a few times where I could have bedded an audience member because of an act that I did, and although I never partook in such debauchery (was in a relationship most of the time) I've always kinda thought it a hot fantasy. A random stranger coming to a show, walking up to you afterwards and starts flirting, you two hit it off, and next thing you know...and invitation for an after show drink..and after a few drinks, another invite..one more seductive.

I've thought about this fantasy alot in my career. What it would be like or feel like to take home an audience member. How would I feel the morning after...would it take away from the burlesque fantasy that I have created....what consequences would occur from it.

Sometimes women get too intimidated by me when I'm "N" and others want to make out with me in bathroom stalls. There is that rockstar persona that I have grown to love at my shows, and I love to entertain the audience...they DESERVE to be entertained!!!!!

I was thinking about writing some burlesque erotica...maybe for Best Sex Bloggers..who knows...but it's definately a thought that has crossed my mind...and maybe cross my bedroom one day.

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