Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leo - A Sex Toy Review

I met her in front of a prominent sex shop in NYC. She was incredibly nervous, anticipating her first steps into a world (or store) that she never experienced before. I took her by the hand and led her inside. I had been to this store countless times and today, with her in tow...i was to make a fantasy of mine become a reality.

As we were looking around, I spotted him. "He" stood 7"  inches with 1-½" girth and was perfectly poised on the intricately designed shelfing unit. I almost blushed and forgot all about the girl I came in with. I walked up to him and let my hands envelop it. I wanted to play with him a little more but it would have been inappropriate to do so in the store. Instead I picked him up and began to examine him, almost analyze him. His Ivory Shimmer color had this opalescent sheen that hit with the right light, almost made it glow a bit.

"He" also was expertly manufactured by the highly reputable and recommended company Vixen Creations, who have been making premium silicone dildo's and plugs since 1992. Not only is the quality of the product outstanding, but they also come with a lifetime warranty. You really can't beat that!

I found out his name is Leo or more affectionately "Leo Vibe". Also in tow with his impressive size is the fact that he is curved just perfectly to hit your g-spot. Leo is in between a realistic and non-realistic dildo so lovers of cute or sparkly colored designs will love this! Dildo enthusiasts will also love the hollowed out base in which you can slip a tiny bullet vibrator. At first I was skeptical of the vibe's strength, but soon came to find out that it does employ a new dimension to dildo play.

The final test was bringing my Aslan Leather Pink Vinyl Glitter Harness with me to the store to test it's fit and it fit perfectly without the use of a ring to adjust it's size. The price (around $68 dollars) was not breaking the bank to badly and with the lovely girl in tow to help test it out, I had more than enough reasons to purchase it.

After purchasing and a long Q train ride to Brooklyn to her apartment, we began to undress and fit the harness around her beautiful naked body. Once that was done, I properly washed the dildo and slipped a condom onto it when we had it in place. I was about to introduce her to the world of strap-on fucking.

She mounted me in a missionary position and at first the motions were a little off balanced, but still was good enough to make me have my first orgasm ever with her. She asked me if we could change positions and when I gave her permission to do so, her motions because more controlled and intense and 3 more orgasms later...I was spent.

The dildo handled well, given that the girl had never tried it before, she learned quickly and was able to control it very well towards the end. I would highly recommend this product to beginners and experienced alike, especially with the vibrator function, which makes it easier for both parties to enjoy pleasure together.

My only gripe is that the vibrator battery is a watch battery and dies very quickly, but if that is the price to pay for many times well spent with this product, then I'm willing to invest!


That Toy Chick said...

As far as the bullet goes - you should look into upgrading :) The lovely UK company Rocks Off makes a bullet-shaped one (tapered tip and all!) that runs off of an N battery and packs quite a punch!

N said...

oooh thanks for the tip! The vibe option alone is an amazing experience but I think i just broke this one...i can't tell you how many vibes i break on an annual basis! LOL

goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Anonymous said...

super blog bravo ;)

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