Monday, November 10, 2008

Microfantasy Mondays!

I really like this idea from Sweltering Celt, also having so many people contribute just a few sentences and share themselves in the community is an amazing thing all together.

Read more about the project here and contribute your own fantasy! This week's theme is Do-It-Yourself BDSM!

"It was a long day at work and after a hellacious commute complete with screaming babies, obnoxious uses of one's cell phone, and bumper to bumper traffic, I finially turned the keys into my apartment door, and walked in. I was in no mood today for anything other than a long hot bath and sleep. 

She was there, waiting for me for a good amount of time. She had a few scented candles lit, and a black slipcover made out of heavy duty upholstery fabric. There was a moment where both my tired look and her looks of desire almost made the night end very quickly.

Quickly sensing the days frustration, she runs over to me and takes my things, carefully putting everything away in it's rightful place. She takes off my coat and hangs it on the rack and begins to walk me towards the couch. She sits me down and begins to massage my shoulders, easing the tension. As I begin to relax, I notice the black slipcover, and think to myself how I have never noticed it before in our home. She outfitted it with several restraints, mostly made up of our "at home" collection. Turning our living room couch into one giant bondage toy made my clit quiver with anticipation and my night...well let's just say it made my day seem nonexistent.....


Gosh i'm such a tease today! giggles


Ang said...

Oh my holy hell... now I've got a project to figure out...

:P Wonderful! I'm glad you like MMs so far!

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